Common RV windshield problems and how to prevent them

We’ve been in the auto glass industry long enough to identify common RV windshield problems that either need a repair or a total replacement. Some of these common issues include a windshield popping out or cracking for reasons other than road debris. As you’re gearing up to take your RV out this summer, here are some common problems to be aware of that require an RV windshield repair or replacement.

RV Windshield

Damage from extreme weather conditions

Calgary experiences quite a mix of extreme weather conditions, from large and heavy hailstorms that result in serious damage to cars, homes, and buildings to high winds and freezing temperatures. These weather conditions and natural elements can do a number on RV windshields. One of the best ways to prevent weather-related damage to your RV is to be aware of storm warnings and make sure your RV is stored correctly. If Calgary is expecting a hailstorm, be sure to provide an extra level of protection to your windshield with a tarp or other heavy-duty covering.

Poor windshield glass replacement

Many RV owners buy second-hand, which comes with some uncertainty about the RV’s maintenance and repair history. When we receive calls for an RV windshield repair or replacement because the glass is popping out, the most common reason is that it was not fitted correctly by the previous auto glass shop that provided the service. Unfortunately, if you’re buying second-hand, there’s no real way to prevent this issue. However, if you currently own an RV and are planning to sell it in the future, you can help the next owner avoid this problem by taking it to an experienced and skilled auto glass repair shop.

Worn-out windshield sealants

Over time, the rubber sealant around your RV’s windshield can get weak, worn out, and damaged. As you’re checking for roof sealing and caulking around the exterior of your vehicle, be sure to check your windshield’s sealants for any wear and tear. If it needs replacing, call for an RV windshield repair as soon as possible to prevent further damage.

How to fix common RV windshield problems

Unless you have the tools, equipment, and training to repair or replace an RV windshield, it’s best to leave it in the hands of a professional. Many things can go wrong with a do-it-yourself approach to RV windshield problems, such as the glass not fitting correctly and the risk of it popping out while you’re driving on the highway. For the safety of you and your passengers, always go to a reputable auto glass repair shop for your RV windshield repair or replacement!