Calgary Mobile Windshield Replacement

Why is Mobile Windshield Replacement Service important to us Calgarians?


Let’s talk Deerfoot Trail and Stoney Trail my fellow Calgarians. How many times, have we been driving down the Deerfoot and have a huge rock fly out of nowhere and hits our beautiful windshield to only chip and crack our windshield?
Frustration? We hear you!

Then comes the issue of the time it takes to book, make time and wait for the appointment to get the windshield replacement done, then take time off for the appointment and so on. What about that one day off you get from work and you have countless chores to do around the house? We are here to help with that, well, not the chores, but to make your life easier, we will come to you with one of our Mobile Windshield Replacement vans and replace that windshield while you’re vacuuming the house. Read More

Your car or RV windshield glass, isn’t just ordinary glass.

RV AutoglassManufacturing a car or RV windshield has come a long way from just a piece of glass.

A windshields original intent was to stop wind from blowing hair around and to stop bugs splatting in theirs and their passengers faces. Things have sure changed and have come along way since then, the automobile industry’s primary focus is now on safety and in the past two decades they have completely changed the way purchasers shop for vehicles. Now, features such as side airbag protection and anti-lock brakes are as important to a consumer as fuel efficiency or reliability.
There is one aspect of automobile safety however, that most people give almost little thought to, yet it is vital to the safety of a car-the windshield.

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The Secret of a Windshield’s Strength & Safety

Windshields have come a long way since the first cars were made. In the beginning it was merely an ordinary window glass that was meant to protect the passengers from wind, rain and debris. Today, it is an integral part of the safety. Moreover, it is made in such a way that even if it gets a crack due to flying debris or rock, it will not shatter and harm the passengers. The process of glass repair or windshield replacement has also become easier with advanced technology.

Brief History of the Development of Windshields

The credit for starting the process of transforming the ordinary window glass into a safe car windshield can be attributed to Henry Ford. In the beginning, the ordinary glass was merely toughened but it did not serve the purpose as it could easily shatter as a result of an accident or from flying debris. It would not break up into sharp pieces but into larger ones that did not cause much harm.

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Taking Care of your Windshield and Auto Glass

why clean your windshieldWindshield and Auto Glass Maintenance
In order to avoid the expense of having a windshield replacement done, your windshield needs to be properly maintained at all times. Not only does a neglected windshield distract the driver’s visibility, it also increases your chances of developing an irreparable crack. Here are a few important tips for taking care of your vehicle’s windshield and auto glass…
Choose a mild cleaning product.
You do not need to use abrasive cleaning products to clear the windshield. When selecting a glass cleaner, try to stay away from cleaners that contain ammonia. A homemade mixture of vinegar and water is actually just as effective as a commercial product. Car owners need to be especially careful when cleaning tinted windows.
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Highway Windshield Protection

Deerfoot Highway through CalgaryWe spend more time on the roads than ever before, commuting to work, travelling and just getting to and from where we need to be in our daily lives. All this time spent on busy highways, alongside trucks, construction vehicles, and other large automobiles can wreak havoc on our windshields.
Without a shadow of a doubt, the number one cause of minor damage to windshields is related to Deerfoot driving.
While you can’t protect your vehicles windshield from all chips and cracks, there are things you can do to protect your windshield when navigating busy roads.
For example, have you seen those construction vehicles with the signs that say: “Construction Vehicle Stay back at least 200 feet”? Those signs are posted for a reason. These vehicles are often loaded with small pieces of debris. Although the truck beds should be securely covered with tarps to keep dirt, rocks, and other objects from flying out, many of the covers are often worn or torn. Take heed when driving directly behind these vehicles and allow plenty of room, so debris does not hit your car directly.

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