What are the different types of mobile windshield glass?

The glass on your car’s windshield is different from other types of auto glass in that it’s stronger and shatterproof to protect the driver and passengers. There are two types of automotive windshield glass: tempered and laminated. The front windshield is typically made from laminated glass, while the rear window and auto glass are tempered. We detail the two different types of windshield glasses below.

Laminated auto glass

Laminated glass is made with two glass sheets and a polyvinyl film in between. The lamination process involves extreme heat to bind the two glass sheets together. Laminated windshield glass can handle extreme weather conditions and is hard to shatter. The vinyl film in between the two sheets of glass prevents the glass from shattering in the event of a collision, protecting the driver and passengers in the car and preventing serious injuries.

The strength of laminated glass also protects the windshield from road debris. Professional auto glass repair companies can repair small rock chips and cracks on laminated auto glass.

Tempered auto glass

Tempered glass is exposed to extreme heat, followed by a fast cooling process. They are specifically designed to shatter into tiny pieces instead of large ones to prevent harmful injuries from sharp glass edges. Tempered glass is also used for phone screens, some sunglasses, and kitchen appliances. Unlike laminated auto glass, tempered glass needs to be replaced when broken.

The different types of auto glass

When you call an auto glass repair shop, they might ask you where the damage is located. It helps to know the different types of auto glass on your vehicle and the types of mobile windshield glasses you can expect to have repaired or replaced. The next time you call in for an auto glass repair service, you can expertly tell them which of the following areas your glass needs fixing:

  • Front door and rear door auto glass – Be sure to let your technician know if you have tinted windows. Most vehicles today have power windows, but if you’re driving a much older model with manual windows, inform your auto repair technician of this.
  • Rear/back window auto glass – Rear window replacements need trained hands as they typically come with heaters that keep snow, ice, and condensation at bay. If your rear auto glass is fine but the heater/defroster is not working, your local Calgary auto glass repair shop can help.
  • Vent glass and quarter glass – If a technician asks, “Is your vent or quarter glass damaged?” it may take you a little by surprise if you weren’t aware of what this glass is. The space between the rear door window and the back window glass is where the vent glass/quarter glass is located. The size of this area depends on the make and model of your vehicle.
  • Windshield auto glass – Last but most certainly not least, the windshield is the largest type of glass on your vehicle and the most important. Your vehicle’s windshield is not only there to provide a barrier, but it’s also a safety feature that provides up to 30% of the roof support. If your windshield is damaged, it may be compromising your safety on the road – another important reason to have any chips or cracks repaired as soon as possible.