Repairing vs Replacing an RV Windshield

Many RV motorists have dealt with the disheartening scenario of having their windshield riddled with chips and cracks. The general reaction is a display of frustration, which is then preceded by the tendency to try and just forget about it. 

But this is not a smart strategy, as anyone who has owned an RV with a damaged windshield will tell you. This is because RV glass is often ranked as one of the most costly glass products you can find on a vehicle. 

So this begs the question, is it better to repair or replace a damaged RV windshield? This is what we will be exploring, so read on. 

Why RV Windshields Are So Pricey

A car getting a windshield replacement might only be a few hundred bucks — give or take. The reason being is that at any given time, that particular model of car may have hundreds of thousands of duplicates driving around. This means that a vast amount of windshields are going through replacements. The high volume reduces prices.

RVs on the other hand are quite different.

Amodels on the road. With such a reduction in windshields, this means that the price to produce it pertains to your particular RV, numbers are lowered to hundreds or possibly thousands of them is higher, much higher.

To replace a windshield, you could see prices of over $500 to start. And depending on the severity of the damage, that number could skyrocket. 

Additionally, once you factor in labour costs, the price could easily spike to $1000 or more — on the low end of the spectrum. 

Damaged RV Windshield: Repairing vs Replacing

For reasons strictly related to price, it’s a wise idea to have the damage (crack, blemish, chip, etc) sealed by a service provider who can patch the dings on your windshield for a nominal price. More than likely, the damage will still be visible. However, by sealing it in this manner, you will have prevented the spread of the blemish to the rest of the windshield.

But this is not meant to be the end-all, be-all for servicing your windshield. Rather, it’s supposed to simply buy you time, and save you from having to stare out a compromising window until you get it fully taken care of.

RV Window Repairs Might Not Be Covered By Insurance

This is where you’ll have to ask around and do some research. Many insurance companies don’t cover this kind of damage in their policies. Additionally, some insurance companies may include this type of damage, but there may be a cap on the payout amount. And it may not be enough to cover the whole cost.

So be sure to contact your insurance company and see what is included for a better and more detailed overview. 

Contact the Experts

When it’s all said and done, the repairing vs replacing debate on which is better has a simple answer: it depends.

If it’s just a minor crack and you take it into a shop right away, they can repair it and all will be right as rain. However, if it’s a more severe crack, and it has spread across your windshield, you’re better off just replacing it as it will continue to spread and become even worse over time. 

If you have any windshield questions or need your windshield replaced, contact us today for a free quote, we look forward to serving you.